How on earth do I use this site?

This website has been carefully designed to give you the option to choose a textile print and match them to a garment shape of your choice from our library.

On the homepage, simply use the following tabs:
'Change Garment Shape': to navigate through our library of    shapes. These have been categorised into 'Tops' & 'Dresses'.
'Change Print': to navigate through our library of   prints.

Once you are happy with your choice, click 'Buy Me' & you will be taken to your 'shopping bag' where you can specify your size, length & quantity. You are then taken to a secure Paypal site pay for your garment & from there... we will lovingly make your garment to order!

How do I pay for my garment?

We accept debit and credit card payments through the secure site, Paypal. Please note, if you do NOT have a Paypal account, sign up is made very easy. Once you have chosen your garment click the 'Buy Via Paypal' button and you will be taken to the secure Paypal site.

Once I buy a top/dress how long until I get it?

Here at me & oli, we make each garment specific to your order. Each piece is lovingly hand-crafted with fine tailored finishing.For this reason, our timeframe for delivery is longer than the standard 'off-the-shelf items'. The below delivery time-frame includes both the time for custom-making your garment and the time for delivering your garment(s) to your doorstep. It is an estimate only, we will send you an email confirmation with the closest delivery estimate when you place your order.

Australia: 10-15 business days (2-3 weeks)
Everywhere else: 15-25 business days (3-5 weeks)

Do you offer both 'Tops' & 'Dresses'?

Yes! Simply click on the category you want to see (top left of the page where the bird is flying) and navigate through the styles available within each category.

Are the Textile Prints/Artwork shown on the website the actual size?

No. They are much bigger & lovelier in real life! We have provided a ruler when you click to 'view print' so you can get a sense of the actual scale of the print.

Can I see photos of my chosen garment & print combo?

As each piece is individually hand-crafted to meet your order, we currently are, in most cases, unable to show you a photograph of your exact combination of garment shape & print chosen.

What we provide are:

  • production sketches of your exact chosen combination
  • photographs of your chosen garment shapes- these showcase the garment shape you have chosen so you have a better idea of how the garment sits on the body and how it looks in real life. The photograph featuring your chosen garment shape may not necessarily feature your chosen print.
  • a close-up of your chosen textile print- each print is displayed alongside a ruler so you have an idea of the scale of the print

Can I send a picture of my chosen garment shape & print combination to a friend?

Yes! Once you have selected your perfect combination, simply copy the URL and email it to your friend.

I'm Tall/Petite... can I get a longer/shorter Dress/Top?

Yes! As we want to make your garment especially for you, we have given you the option to add to OR subtract from the 'default' length. You are given this option in the 'Shopping Bag' section when you place your order. All 'default length' is for a height of 160CM-170CM.

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