here at me & oli, we specialise in the anthropomorphism of features & creatures. from birds to beards, flowers to foxes, we create artworks & bring these to life across the surface of beautiful fabrics that are then made into clothing that cry easy to wear.

as lovers of illustration, fashion, textiles, textures, tales & the excitement that the unknown brings, we bring all these elements together in each piece that we create. with a bit of tongue in cheek, our prints tell a tale and are designed to delight across a variety of garments because well, why limit artworks to your wall when you can also wear them!

everyone has their own individual style & we believe in enhancing your individuality by giving you even more of a say in the garments that you choose for your wardrobe.

here in our shop, we want to give you the option to choose your favourite me & oli artwork & match it to a garment of your choice & you can even choose the length of your piece! we've created artworks for the likes of Romance Was Born, Peter Alexander, Mambo, Shona Joy, Made 590 & Lalaland. we have brought together our industry skills & experience to carefully create & hand pick prints and styles that combine wonderfully together to create finished easy-to-wear pieces. pieces that you can wear out or in, day or night; pieces that we hope will bring a splash of life, fun & delight to any wardrobe, big or small, wild or quiet... pieces that are original with prints that are directional & that will stand out in any crowd! just take your pick & we will custom make the garment especially for you!

so let us not wait any longer, come on in & let our menagerie lead you through all that we have on offer for you today!

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